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Eligibility Verification

Verifying Eligibility for Coverage

There is a federal law - called ERISA - that governs employee benefit plans. This law requires employers to follow the rules of its health plans, including covering only eligible dependents.

How Dependent Eligibility Audits Work

If you are asked to participate in a dependent eligibility audit, you will be required to submit proof that everyone covered as a dependent under your employer's plan is your legal dependent. You can prove dependent status by submitting the documents outlined in the materials you receive as part of the audit process.

UnifyHR and You

We help employers conduct dependent eligibility audits. If your employer uses our services, you will receive notices and other information from us.

More Information

We know you may have many questions about dependent eligibility audits, so we've put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to help you learn more. Click the button below to view these FAQs.

View Our Audit Frequently Asked Questions

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